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Anonymous Rex – 2004/Approx. Runtime 120 mins/Not Rated
We thought they were extinct, but for 25 million years they’ve been hiding, watching and waiting…Based on the acclaimed series of novels by Eric Garcia, Anonymous Rex goes underground to chronicle a secret society of the dinosaurs’ descendants: intelligent lizards, adapted through evolution to human size,and equipped with holographic disguises to mask their true identities and co-exist with humans. Daniel Baldwin and Sam Trammell star as two dino detectives drawn into a deadly conspiracy to take back the planet from the apes.
Cookers – 2001/Approx. Runtime 95 mins/R
After stealing a huge stash of drugs, speed freaks Hector and Dorena plan to cook up an enormous batch of crystal meth and get rich quick. Hector’s old buddy Merle has the perfect hideout/meth lab: an old, abandoned farmhouse in the woods where no one will ever find them. Unfortunately, no one will hear their screams either. Turns out, they may not be alone after all. It seems this farmhouse is the site of a horrific urban legend. Now, holed up together with nothing to do but snort, smoke and shoot up, the strung-out cookers fall prey to paranoia, private demons and terrifying visions which, whether they are hallucinations or hauntings, are equally terrifying and just as deadly!
Hitters – 2002/Approx. Runtime 89 mins/Not Rated
In the underworld of crime, the city has been ruled by one family for generations, but things are about to change. As rival families stand on the verge of war, Tony Civiano (Costas Mandylor), a respected civil leader is caught between family loyalty to the mob and everything he has worked so hard to achieve. When Tony refuses to sell some property of a mob boss, a series of murders make it clear that either Tony turns government informer or face certain death. Since neither solution is acceptable to Tony, he decides to seek justice on his own terms.

Clasificación de MPAA : s_medR R (Restricted) Dimensiones del paquete : 7.1 x 5.42 x 0.58 pulgadas; 3.88 Onzas Director : Various Formato multimedia : Formatos múltiples, Dolby, NTSC Tiempo de ejecución : 5 horas y 4 minutos Fecha de lanzamiento : Mayo 10, 2011 Actores : Sam Trammell, Costas Mandylor, Patrick McGraw Daniel Baldwin Estudio : Mill Creek Ent ASIN : B004V8W53W Número de discos : 2


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